What a fucked up day.
I got up this morning, dawdled a while, then went into the garage to discover my bikes had been stolen. All three of them, gone. We still haven�t figured out how anyone got into the garage- the doors were locked and there�s no evidence of them coming over the roof or garden walls. Bollocks. Anyway, if anyone in the Staines/ Egham area of Surrey should come across a Trek Bruiser 1, Specialized Hard Rock or Marin Palisades Trail going cheap, they�re probably mine. Contact me or the Police.

Then, after the Police woman had gone (which brought another bad omen- I�ve reached the age where Police officers do look younger!) my books arrived. Ten copies of my novel. It�s a very strange feeling, looking at my name on a cover- even though it is in Comic Sans, a font which looks awful outside an e-mail. I�m a published author! (Buy my book.)

I think it�s a sign. Life�s been a bit crap ever since I moved South, and now this. I need to get back to my roots. But I�m going to give it until February, because that�s how long I�ve got in the house.

A bit pissed off for the first of my new posts, but that�s how it goes.

Oh yes- Buy My Book!