The sun was shining, I got up early (for a Saturday) and I went and bought myself a bike. A nice Marin Hybrid, for the daily commute. Strangely enough, this one is locked to the shelves in the garage, which should be enough to discourage the sort of scrote who took the other three and more than secure enough if I have to make an insurance claim.

On the subject of insurance, getting anything for my lost bikes is a non starter. We were under the impression that the agency which pays our wages had arranged it as part of the relocation package. They didn’t, of course. I mean, they were supposed to arrange the TV licence and they couldn’t even do that! And then on Friday I was told that they had lost all my expenses paper work, but were adamant they had paid everything. Ten minutes with my credit card statements proved that they hadn’t paid me at least �570. Take it from me folks. Never, ever, ever rely on P******s to do anything right.