Yesterday’s pic and today’s.
State of Play
I’ve got nearly a hundred photos being developed today, some of which will become pictures of the day.
I started work on The Eliza Effect, my next novel, yesterday. I’m going to start publishing bits of it in February. It’s about computing and my experiences of doing IT for a corporate department that doesn’t know how to do IT (character assassination alert!). The chapters are going to be arranged in jokey little modules, like functions and subroutines.
Whilst I was in France I got layouts for the first half of Ballad of the Bulletproof Poet done (now simply Bulletproof Poets). I’m going to start scanning them in and working on them, posting the pages as a work in progress to show how a page comes together, and publishing the finished item in digital and dead tree versions by Easter. Then maybe I’ll take it to the San Diego comic convention in August.
And finally, for now, I’m generating a second novel from the material in Ten Years Asleep, which could be coming out at the same time as Bulletproof Poets.
Busy, busy.