I did a bit of reading whilst I was away-
Tear Gas and Ticket Touts All about a guy’s attempts to see England play in teh World Cup. I’m not really interested in football, and I just can’t see how anyone can get so worked up about it, but the tales of Police prejudice and witch-hunting newspapers struck a chord.
White Spider The author of Seven Years in Tibet was also part of the first team to climb the North Face of the Eiger. Here he relates the history of all the attempts on the face up until 1965. A catalogue of endurance and disaster, including some horrendous deaths- those who fell off the cliff were the lucky ones. Slightly stilted, possibly in the translation, and heavy on the facts, but gripping none the less.
Non-Stop A small band dares to travel out of their village and into their claustrophobic world, where if you walk for several days in a straight line you’ll get back to where you started, to discover its secrets.
I’m currently reading Look to Windward.