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The lights had stopped Owen by the Park gate. If they hadn�t, he would have come to a stop for some other reason.
The scenic route beckoned, through the trees and over the obstacles the council had so kindly put there for him.
He was still staring into the park when the lights changed. Time to go. A quick check revealed no pedestrians. He pulled the bike round and pointed it to the left of the gate. A careful approach, haul the front wheel up, dab the brake to lift the back wheel and then a flowing move to throw the bike forward. And he was balanced on the low wall, accelerating toward the drop off at the other end. He styled it, flicking the bars through nearly forty-five degrees while the bike was in the air. A moment�s consideration after landing, then he was accelerating again toward the nearest set of steps.
Landing smoothly from the steps, he dabbed the rear brake, locking the wheel just for a moment. He pointed the bike between the nearest two trees and sprinted, catching a little air off the ridge beyond them. Then down into the little bowl behind the flowerbed, leaning as far as possible into the corner. The course, laid out by some local teenagers, wound in and out of the trees, crossing the path four times. He was aiming for a personal best today.

Kate was waiting for Owen. She always waited for him, finding a way to hang around near the door for as long as necessary. Today she was photocopying Terms and Conditions documents for all the offices The Company had just acquired.
A little later than usual, he arrived, freshly showered and a little flushed from exercise. �You�re late.� She told him.
He flashed the smile that made her stomach cramp up. �Yeah, well, traffic was hell.�