Page five of Bulletproof Poets, and another snippet of The Eliza Effect-


Owen hit the on button, then spread out the documentation he had so carefully tidied up the night before. The phone rang. He tried ignoring it, to see if it would go away. His resolve lasted three rings, �Hello?�

�The Eagle has landed.�


�The Eagle. Has. Landed.�

�They�re sending you to the moon?� Conversations with Paul were consistently odd, but this was off the scale.



�Approval. We got the go ahead. The project is on.�

�Oh right. The Eagle has landed. Nice one. So, are you getting a raise out of this?�

There was silence on the other end of the phone. �I don�t know.�

�Well if you don�t mention it, they won�t.�

�I�ll have to remember that. So, how do I manage a project?�

�I couldn�t tell you that, it would spoil all the fun for you.�

�Oh go on.�

�I�ll send you documentation, don�t worry.�

�Cool. Well, some of us have to work. I�ll see you.�