I’ve got one week left at work, and I’m beginning to get that end of term feeling. I don’t want to do any work, though I know I should or I’ll get sucked into that other version of apathy which sees me staying there for another week. A week which will then become a month and…….

I’m going to Leicester again on Monday. The drive there’s quite interesting, I guess. And then I’ve got to do documentation and reports for my current project, then documentation for an old project. Then twiddling me thumbs and saying goodbye to everyone on Friday. Then on Monday they can start blaming me for all the problems in systems I haven’t worked on for a year.

Bitter? Me?

Page Seven of Bulletproof Poets, and a very small snippet of The Eliza Effect-


Paul hung up and turned to Mike. �So the project is on?�


�So we�re officially an IT department?�


�So we�re IT professionals?�


�So�.. Where the fuck are our Nerf toys?�

They paused long enough to grab their jackets.