I hurt a bit. It was Bogle yesterday and the weather was, if anything, worse on all those days I wimped out of training rides- snow, sleet, hail and gusts of wind which brought me to a standstill or shifted me a foot or two to the side. I managed three loops- 78 miles. On a better day, I think I’d have managed three and a half. Stats- at the end of the first loop (just under the claimed 26 miles) my average speed was a respectable 12.9 miles per hour, by the second run it was down to 12.5 and on the third- which perversely had the worst weather of the day on the first half and the best on the second- I was down to 11.9 mph overall. The wierdest thing is that this is better than my average for the one loop which I did as a training ride in far better weather a month or so ago.

Yesterday’s pic. And today’s.