Daily archives: March 20, 2002

Some how, I managed not to FTP today’s pic along with all the others, so it was a little embarrassing when I pointed the previous post at it, even if only temporarily.

I’ve now been told what I was raving about on Friday night. Apparently I was obsessing about the fine buttocks of a girl I used to know who went by the name of Fraggle.

Boy, was I drunk. I mean, they were nice, but I’ve never admitted that to anyone before.

Blogger was having issues yesterday, here’s the pic.

The Eliza Effect is going to start jumping around the plot soon, as I write scenes as and when I think of them.

Lacking inspiration, and in an effort to find out how and why I was shafted last year, I’m thinking of playing the Data Protection card on my old department to see what they release to me. I expect to see lots of e-mails asking why I couldn’t be in two places at once, doing the impossible before it was requested.

Bitter? Me?

You bet.