Look what happens when I’ve got no photos to publish. Three days without an update.
I spent an interesting few hours down at Salfoprd Quays yesterday, probably trespassing, but definitely getting almost a hundred photos which should supply me with more than a few PODs. On the subject, the March gallery is up, finally. I promise to have the April one posted much more promptly.
I’ve closed down the Seeds Blog. The project is still on the go, in fact it’s rapidly taking shape. I just can’t keep a second weblog going, so all future Seeds stuff will be put up here. Below is a recap of stuff I’ve found so far. It might help to understand that the story is set on a planet which has just reached mid twentieth century technology levels and, indeed, is having its own World War. I’m not going to explain why or how just now.

Unfinished or aborted German warplane projects from WW2
A wartime chronology with key players and a secret weapons page.
Edwards Air Force Base- check out the flying wing bombers
The Vultee XP-54. I like this plane, and I’m already working on designs based upon it.
The reminiscences of an American test pilot circa WW2.

I once read a short story in Interzone magazine, called Habbakuk, about a giant carrier built from ice and wood pulp insulation, and wanted to introduce something similar to the Seeds story. I didn’t realise it was based upon genuine WW2 experiments.
Another site on the subject.
Someone actually mixed up and did experiments with Pykrete, the stuff Habbakuk was to be made of.

Interesting images and slightly garbled English from a 1930’2 article on speculative flying boat designs.

The truth about flying saucers? Another wonderful, and very, very wierd, plane.
You can even make models of it.