A big day for content, here’s a wee bit of The Eliza Effect-

Owen still had his arm in one sleeve of his shirt. His belt was undone, but his trousers were still at full mast, and his shoes were still laced. He was on top of the sheets.
He looked around the hotel room, which still swam in and out of vision. The hangover would strike around midday he estimated, not a pleasant prospect. There was someone under the sheets. They moved and made little lip smacking noises. Owen prodded the shape.
Kate rolled over and looked up, scrunching up her face as she tried to make out details in the gloom. �Oh.�
�What time is it?� Owen had discovered that his watch was the only thing he had taken off.
Kate brought her watch right up close to her face, then moved it away until it focussed. �Something after two.�
�Whose room we in?�
Kate sat up. She had been no more successful at undressing. They both looked around. It was a hotel room. A cuboid with en-suite bathroom, cheap television and nearly double bed. �Mine. I think.� She frowned.
�Well, I should get back to my room.� Owen delved into his pocket for his key, then had a thought, �We are in the same hotel aren�t we?� He slid absently off the side of the bed.
When he didn�t rise again, Kate struggled over to look over the edge. He held up the huge plastic tag attached to his key. She caught the wavering hand and read. �Yeah. We�re in the same hotel.�
�Great. Let me get up and I�ll�..� He could stand, but only just. �Which floor is this?�
�And I�m on.� He tried to read the key tag. �Fifth.�
�Just take your trousers off and get into bed.�
�Thought you�d never ask.�