I just had a really shit weekend. It started out promisingly enough with a new (well, to me, it was actually from an office clearance) PC. More powerful than my old one, though with no modem and video off the motherboard. I plugged it in and tested it, then plugged my old one in to get on the internet and do some updates. At which point it shorted out. There was smoke and everything. This is obviously something that’s been waiting to happen, it just chose this ironic moment. This was bad enough, but the new PC won’t accept any of the hardware from the old one, I think it’s all been fried by the short. So, until someone can pull the data from my motorless hard drive, I’ve lost months worth of work, and until I can sort out a modem on the new one, I’ll have to do updates from the office. So POtD is going on hiatus for a little while, Thursday’s was the last one to be uploaded to the site, but I will collect a picture for every day it’s down and put them all back up when I can.

Now, where’s my insurance company’s phone number?