Monthly archives: May 2002

Work has become so boring that I’ve asked to go to a four day week. There’s just not enough to do, and I’m sat next to two people whose job description must have been ‘bitch and moan, moan and bitch’. I hate to think what they say about me when I’m not there.

Finally got a whole load of Abdoujaparov and JimBob stuff over the weekend. It had been sent to my last address, bounced back and finally found me here. You could get Air Odeon Disco Pub, Jim’s Super Stereoworld and Snakebite City (vol. 10) from Amazon, but I’d recommend heading straight to the source and getting them from Spinach Records.

Just when I thought we’d settled into another English Summer of rain, the sun comes out again. Yay! Actually, Double Yay! because I’ve just bought a huge pack of organic barbecue meat.

Added bonus picture of the Day! I just found the leaning bottles hanging around in an old directory. A personal favourite and the intro image to Spinneyhead’s very first incarnation.

The demise of ITV Digital is actually a good thing (in the short term at least, in the long term it means we’re all under the power of Sky.) Without war documentarys on Discovery, MASH repeats on Paramount and Professionals re-runs on Granada Plus, I’ve actually got some work done. I now have a stockpile of pictures up which should mean I won’t run out in the middle of the week again, at least, not for a while.