Monthly archives: June 2002

In amongst the big box o’ stuff I had delivered from home were several copies of Deadline. The one from June 1993 had a questionnaire in it. I thought I’d go back over it and do a then and now (on the non Deadline ones, seeing as it’s not around any more)-
1 Are you
Then- Male
Now- Still Male (who’d have thought?)
2 How old are you?
T- 18-24
N- Old enough to know better
3 Are You?
T- Desperate
N- Still Desperate
4 Currently
T- Employed full time- University sabbatical officer
N- Employed full time (for the next fortnight)- IT thingummy
5 Where do you live?
T- Manchester
N- Manchester
6 Where do you live?
T- Rented house/ flat
N- Rented house/ flat (but this one’s not a share)
7 Who would you prefer to sleep with? (from a list of Glyn Dillon/ Keanu Reeves/ Our sad ad manager/ Winona Ryder/ Neither- my girlfriend, boyfriend, dog would freak)
T- Winona Ryder
N- Winona Ryder
8 How often do you go to the following-
T- Cinema (sometimes), Pub (once a week or more), Club (once a week or more), comic shop (once a month), record shop (once a month)
N- Cinema (once a month), Pub (once a week or less), Club (sometimes), Restaurant (sometimes), Comic shop (once a week), Record shop (once a week)
9 Which magazines do you read? (from a list)
T- Cosmo
N- NME, 2000AD, Judge Dredd megazine, Fortean Times
10 What do you own?
T- Stereo, Walkman, Bicycle, Deadline T-shirt
N- Stereo, Discman, Video, DVD player, Bicycle (*2), Console (PS2), PC
11 Average monthly spend on-
T- Singles (nowt), Albums (under �10), CDs (nothing), Blank tapes (�5-10), Clothes (under �25), Shoes (something), Comics (Under �5), Computer games (nothing), Alcohol (�25-50),
N- Singles [CD](�10+), Albums (nothing), CDs (�12-25), Blank tapes (nothing), Clothes (under �25), Shoes (something), Comics (face it, I’m a sad bastard), Computer games (�40+), Alcohol (�25-50)
12 What do you drink?
T- Bitter, Cocktails, Soft Drinks
N- Bitter, Lager, Spirits, Mineral Water, Soft Drinks
13 Do you smoke?
T- No
N- No

So, nine years on and it looks like things haven’t changed much, or they’ve just come full circle. I have more to spend, don’t go out as much and Winon Ryder is still cute.

Today, according to the timesheets my old boss dug out a couple of months ago, is my four year anniversary with The Gas. For a while I was toying with making this my last day, but I procrastinated to the point where I still have another fortnight to go. Ho hum.

Fruitbat, of old faves Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, is putting their old sampler up for sale. The jury is still out, however, on 1992, one of the albums it was used to make.

Whilst desperately seeking backed up stuff after the PC crash, I discovered a few pieces I wrote which could have gone into Ten Years Asleep, but I forgot about. So-

They had promised each other that they wouldn�t be as slovenly as during their student years. Privately they had admitted to themselves that this was a lie.
The one mod. con. the house lacked was a dishwasher, so cutlery and crockery piled up in and around the kitchen sink.
Derek, manager and accountant that he was, surveyed the debris and decided that there should be a dish washing rota. After eating a pork chop on a bed of noodles he added the plate to the pile and went up to his room to type it up on his computer. When he sat down he discovered the Quake mission disk he hadn�t finished yet and decided on a quick game.
Paul was an engineer and ever practical. He set about cleaning the kitchen up. He stacked the plates, with the largest at the bottom and saucers at the top, and placed the bowls atop these. Cups and mugs were regimented, presenting arms in the shape of forks, knives and spoons. Pans and other utensils were stacked precariously. He was about to fill the washing bowl with warm water and detergent when he remembered it was time for Star Trek, and decided the washing up could wait until afterwards.
Gareth, applying his skewed memory of various sciences, had concluded that there was a median level of washing, about which the pile fluctuated. The current amount was at the dirty far end of the bell curve. He washed a plate, saucepan, large bowl, fork and spoon to bring the pile down a few percentiles. Then he used the clean items to cook and consume a large amount of pasta.

It’s the anniversary of D-Day. I only know this because I happen to be reading a book about it.
There’s no big commemoration as far as I can see, because it’s only the 58th anniversary and there are more important things happening. Just remember that without the thousands of men, most of them younger than me, who fought and died, we wouldn’t be enjoying the W**** C** or Queenie’s fiftieth.

Still no web at home. In fact, I haven’t been near the new PC all weekend- the mourning period for the old one isn’t over yet. At least I have internet access at work.

Quite productive weekend all round. I plotted the first big DEx storyline, originally titled ‘Heaven Help the Man’ now maybe ‘Kally Ann’. I’ve started on rough layouts as well. There’s 104 pages plotted, but I’m already condensing that. It’ll start appearing half a page at a time, some time in August. Firmer launch date when I’m sure.

I’ve been out and taken a load of photos, so I should be able to catch back up with pic o’ the day when I’m back online. And my sister’s going to send back shots from her world tour, which is nice.