The Guardian has put together a list of weblogs they like, though somehow they forgot to include me. Very remiss of them.

With only the rest of today (which could end up as a late one) and tomorrow to go, I think I can finally admit something. I work in a Sales department, and I hate salesmen. If they phone me up I’ll keep them on the line for a while and then hang up, just to waste their time. Likewise I’ll keep them on the doorstep if they turn up. This hatred is fuelled by running the payments system and seeing how much money some of them earn for persuading little old ladies that they’re not just signing for information. [Oh, okay, that doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as it used to- at least not with The Gas- thanks to improvements I helped make in tracking down the culprits.]

Of course, with my particular experience, I’ll probably end up in another sales department when I get another job.

I’m going to get very drunk tomorrow and then do my tax return with a hangover.