Daily archives: July 10, 2002

Just a quick mention for Resurrection Day, the book which kept me trapped in the house (well, that and waiting for the call back on interviews) for the last two days. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and devoured a book like that. It’s a ‘what if’ ten years on from the Cuban Missile Crisis escalating to a nuclear exchange, with secrets and conspiracies only just being revealed.

The amount of space I’m taking up on my server has mysteriously dropped by 4 megs. A quick check confirms that the files I was worried about losing (my online backup of some of the Ten Years Asleep stuff which I desperately need since the computer smoked) are still there. I wonder what has gone.

If it isn’t obvious, as I do most of my art on the PC, seeing as I’m computer-less at the moment DEx is going to be delayed a bit. I’ve got the layouts about two-thirds done and when I’ve finished those< I think I'll script it. Very Marvel method.

The interview keeps getting postponed, which strikes me as a bit suspicious. I’ve just spent half an hour on Totaljobs scanning for anything likely looking, and discovering that the only one on there I could apply for had already been filled and was just being randomly re-posted. (Plus, I think I applied for it when it first went up and didn’t get a call back.)