Manchester’s weather has reverted to type, just for the Commonwealth Games I guess. There hasn’t been a dry day since Thursday. I got completely soaked cycling into town so I could check my e-mail at the Easy internet cafe. Hey ho.
It’s doubly annoying because I ordered a PC on Thursday, which I was told would take two (working) days to two weeks to arrive (but probably the two days) and I’ve been sitting inside all excited and full of anticipation for the last two days with no delivery.
There have been a lot of theories about what went wrong with Worldcom et al, but I just can’t shake the feeling I’ve always had that the Stock Exchange isn’t about real money. Really, success should be measured by the number of customers, products shipped and quality of these products. I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter. Anyone who works in an office will be familiar with what happened, only on a smaller scale. Whilst you’re busy making things which work and doing your best, it’s the bullshitters who land half finished disasters in your lap who get ahead.