Daily archives: July 30, 2002

I haven’t done this for a long time. Back when I had mostly tapes, I used to stack them all up and then go through them from the top to the bottom, listening to everything once. I decided to do it with my CDs. Today’s, so far, have been-

NME- Album of the year 2001, James Robert Morrison- J.R., Pixies- Bossanova, White Stripes- White Blood Cells, Stone Roses- Stone Roses, Less Than Jake- Borders and Boundaries, Ten Benson- Hiss

So the Commonwealth weather broke, very spectacularly. The front door of my house is below the level of the road in the Close, so water can runn down and pool in front of the step. In a quarter hour period it rained so hard that the water was an inch and a quarter deep. Nowhere near flooding, but still quite spectacular. Eventually the downpour stopped being quite so torrential and the ground drainage managed to overtake the flow.