The must have garden accessory (thanks to boingboing for finding it).

Mind you, when I was a kid, my dad built an experimental wind mill. It was made of two old oil drums, split in half. The halves were offset to act as scoops at 180 degrees to each other. The scoops were placed one on top of the other, at 90 degrees to each other (I hope this makes sense, I’m not drawing a diagram), so that no matter which way the wind came from, at least one scoop would catch it and begin turning.

It sort of worked. I don’t think the dynamo it was supposed to run was much good so it never generated much electricity. The point of this little ramble is- I could sit inside one of the half barrels on the top and when things started moving, it was a lot like sitting in a very tight roundabout. I went too fast once and was terrified and ill.

We had to make our own fun in the old days, you know.