I’ve been bringing the compiled copy of Eliza Effect up to date and by popular demand (well, Jenny asked, and she’s been visiting longer than anyone else) I’ll be posting some more snippets soon. In the mean time, more Seeds

Nil Garran was paying tithe to the hidden army. It was his way of resisting, and it was easier and safer than taking up a weapon. It was resistance by omission He went about his business as usual, letting the occupying armies take his products at their starvation level prices and demand the occasional tribute.
They didn�t know just how fertile the land was, so could not tell that the fields never yielded all the soil fruit they should. Some of the trees in the wild orchard were half bare before harvest began. The land fowl were free to roam, so he could not know how many nested where he did not look, and the water fowl were not his to worry about.
Somewhere in the forests the soldiers had their hidden communities. They guarded the tracks, guns, bomb lobbers and stonks that the Southerners could not account for despite the supposed rout of the Northern armies. They all waited, biding their time, ready to rise up when the time was right. Just like the god king sleeping in his silver tower in the far North. But Gorran didn�t believe in the god king. The god king didn�t steal his tubers.

Today’s muzack- The Buzzcocks- Sigles Going Steady, Death In Vegas- The Contino Sessions. I have an excuse, I went out to see Nine Queens. It’s every bit as good as the reviews promised. Exactly who is conning who isn’t revealed until the last minute or so. It’s not as if you won’t have guessed who the biggest con is, because you’ll have been suspicious of everyone at some point in the film. The only drawback, and I’m not making an excuse for the inevitable Hollywood re-make, was that reading the captions drew my attention away from watching the action and acting.