And a little bit of The Eliza Effect. I’ve had to reconstruct some bits, including this one, from memory after the computer fry up. I think it’s all here-

�Oh shit.�
�What�s wrong?�
Paul pointed at the Visitor parking area. Every one a Ford Focus. �Middle management.�
�Middle management. Shit.�
�How many middle managers does it take to screw in a light bulb?� Mike asked.
�Middle management will screw in anything.� Paul answered. �What are they all doing here?�
Another car, another Focus pulled through the gates and sailed into the last Visitor spot.
�We could just walk away.� Mike suggested.
�No we couldn�t.� Owen was staring at the redhead who had been driving the latest Focus. Mike and Paul exchanged shrugs.
�Fine. Lead on MacDuff.�

Today, I are bin mostly listening to- Deus- Worst Case Scenario, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine- I Blame The Givernment, Punk- Worst of Total Anarchy, Meat Loaf- Dead Ringer, ZZ Top- Eliminator