And some more of Eliza Effect


Owen found Kate registering at The Jury�s Inn, with what looked like the HR heavy squad in tow. Whilst the white men in black suits registered, he circled long enough to catch the same lift as her. �Hey.�


There was an embarrassed silence as the lift doors closed. They both went for the same floor button. �Which room?� Owen asked.

�Two oh three.�

�Neat. I�m two oh five. Want to, um, get together? I mean we can go out for a meal and stuff and�.�

�I don�t think I can. I promised the boys we�d go out for a meal and find the Gay village.�

�Out the front doors, turn right, up the road, right at the second set of lights then left before the canal.�

�I�ll take them, have a meal and leave them. Meet you here at eight.� She kissed him quickly on the lips before the doors opened.

�Why are we out here, again?�

�Because the head of HR booked in and has the room between ours.�


�So. Well, I am a bit vocal, aren�t I?�

�Oh yeah.�

�And stop grinning. I just don�t want to give him anything to gossip about.�

They could hear cars on the motorway, and water in the river. �Dark, isn�t it?�

They kissed, and shuffled around to get good leverage. Kate moved closer. �Ow.�

�Hmm. Here try moving this way�.�

�Ow. No, that�s no better.�

�Just let me move this. Is that better?�

�Yeah.� Kate shuffled over, half way onto his seat. �Are we moving?�

�Nah, can�t be��. Shit!�

The car came to an abrupt halt as Owen pulled on the hand brake. �Ooops.�


�Don�t apologise. I�m the one who nearly rolled us into the Mersey.�

Silence for a moment, then Kate eyed up the back seat. �This thing�s a four door isn�t it?�

Playlist- Meatloaf- Midnight At The Lost And Found, Catatonia- Equally Cursed and Blessed, Republica- Republica