I’ve been going through my pictures to find ones which might make for good backdrops in DEx. I’ve only found a few hundred.

Rey handed the field glasses to Lensman. �Some kind of camp. There are firing ranges, an assault course, and look at all the pitons and ropes on those cliffs. I think they are trying to turn flatlanders into real troops.�
Troops and soft skins milled around the assembly area near the gates, readying a clean up squad for the collapsed tunnel down the road. �They aren�t leaving many guards.� Lensman commented.
�What are you thinking of?�
�They have an artillery range. We don�t have any heavy weapons.�
�You want to steal their guns? That would give us away, you know?�
�Not if we do it properly. There has already been one ir raid. What if we can convince them there was another?�
Rey took back the glasses. The work crew was pulling out, crossing the small river that ran along the near boundary of the camp. He counted the soldiers left behind. �I�ll get Kess up here. He can pick off the guards before we go in. If we put a fire crew there,� he pointed at the bluff above a curve in the river, �they can strafe the barracks while I lead a squad against admin and the canteen and Mov takes the armoury. Then we plant enough charges to suggest bombs.�
�A good plan. But one change. I shall lead your squad, you guide the covering fire.�
�There is only yourself and Mov who have seen action in this squad. Everyone else, including myself, needs the experience. And where better than against a soft target such as this?�

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