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Thinking about my postscript yesterday, I guess Seeds is a techno thriller of sorts. I’m just taking the easy way out and inventing my own technology-

There had been the mission debriefing, where they had tried to recall everything they had seen. Now they were getting the political debrief, where they were told what had happened.

The Ideological Officer had taken quite well to the plains life, filling out and taking colour. But his adherence to the rules was as tight as ever. �What you saw were Northern rockets, designed to land bombs on Reff and destroy our fuel refining capabilities. They stole the technology from us, of course.�

�Of course. Because our rocketry is so advanced.� Karn wasn�t the best at sarcasm. He cast a glance out of the window as he said the words.

�They do not have the resources to do it again. And we shall be exacting revenge for this, as well as a number of other raids I have been informed of. I am confident that this squadron shall be participating.� He was considering each word, plodding them out carefully within doctrine.

Karn perked up. �So we finally get a proper mission?�

�That depends upon you, to an extent.� The officer pulled a large folder from the desk drawer. �These are all legitimate targets. Draw up mission briefs and get back to me.�

Muzik- Propellerheads- Decksanddrumsandrockandroll, Dandy Warhols- Come Down.