Daily archives: August 18, 2002

Every few days I do the rounds of other weblogs, some randomly, some- like BoingBoing– because I know I’ll find something cool. Like this. Check out the film trailer.

Elsewhere, stuff like this slightly mad, but mostly justified rant, and commentary from this side of the Atlantic, make me think there would be no better time for my anti-technothriller. All the usual suspects would be there, a Dubya-ish prez, war mad generals and admirals industry interests, special forces, terrorists, hackers, the good the bad and unique. Only, instead of the terrorists incurring the wrath and B2s of an enraged USA, they actually set off a chain of events that would implode the power structure and produce a new, more equal and essentially stronger America. Don’t ask me how, just yet, but given enough research I think it could be made plausible that the ordinary people could defeat the internal and external threats.

Rant over, music on- Stereophonics- Word Gets Around, U2- The Joshua Tree, Duran Duran– Decade.

I’ve been thinking about my techno thriller bit from a few days ago. Another thing about these books is the way the USA always takes on enemies who are (almost) their equals. You never see them bombing a bunch of guys in caves who only have Kalahnikovs and maybe a dozen twenty year old Stingers to shoot back with, or the Green Berets getting their arses kicked by a Somali gang with borrowed weapons. Odd that, isn’t it.