Monday is film day. I’ve managed to see The Sum of All Fears and Blade Runner (directors cut, but with serious damage to the film and jumps where frames are missing).


Someone had been discreet enough to listen at the door and slid the orders under it rather than intrude. Reed tucked Jay in and padded across to the envelope.

There were two sheets, held together with a folded and crimped metal strip. In effect it was a list of names, a date and destination, but it had been wrapped up in the usual reminders to check all components and pack spare underwear.

Jay woke after a few shakes. She blinked at the sheets, skim reading when the sleep was from her eyes. �That�s away from the action. And why aren�t they sending the whole squadron?�

�I don�t know. Serena, and a few of the other bombardiers and some of the ground crew were transferred out the same way. Before you came along, of course.�

�Of course.�

�I shall tell them at the briefing. Until then�?�

�Until then, I am going back to my room.�

Surround sound- Shine 7, Doves- Lost Souls.