Daily archives: September 19, 2002

Updates- Seeds Chapter 4 is up. The chapters can be considered second drafts, with the daily serial bits as first draft. When it’s all wrapped up, I’ll rip through it and do third, fourth and fifth drafts to come up with, hopefully, the final version.

I’ve joined Blogsnob, a link exchange system. Check down the left hand side to see who I’m pointing at today.

Once upon a time I saw two politicians arguing over which of their partys supplied the best weather whilst in power. Slightly darker, and consequently funnier is the finding that Suicide rates tend to rise under Tory rule.

Importantly, most of these new suicides are in Labour strogholds. You can imagine the tactics meetings. “If we make things particularly bad in the mining areas then enough of those damn pinkos will kill themselves that we can take Yorkshire in the next election.”