Hey, I’m on holiday, okay. I’ve been enjoying the Lakes with an attention hungry Springer Spaniel and getting on with those geeky things- modelmaking, RPGs- that I have the time for in Manchester but never get around to. I think I’ve taken enough photos to keep me going throughout October.
Holiday reading-
e. by Matt Beaumont. Very funny attack on an ad agency, and office politics in general. Having it all told in e-mails may seem a risky ploy at first, but it allows for a sort of minimalism where you can easily unserstand all the events without needing the full narrative.
Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls by Robert Rankin. Odd, very odd, but endearingly so. There is so much time travel and such going on in Brentford that I’m surprised everyone doesn’t meet three versions of themselves in the High Street every day.
World War: Striking The Balance by Harry Turtledove. That’ll teach me to start reading a series with the fourth book. This one is proving hard going because the huge cast has to have their back story filled in as you meet them. It has an interesting premise- the Second World War is cut short by the arrival of an alien attack fleet which expected to meet medieval warriors and only has slightly better technology than the humans.