Yesterday’s Seeds, hot off the keyboard, so I apologise for any grammar mistakes etc.-

�Visibility is excellent. We should be able to see it soon.� Jay was brim full of excitement. She strained closer to the glazing for a better view.

There were enough ships down below, steaming in the same direction as they flew or arcing off on patrol patterns. Black dots of planes looped around something just beyond the horizon.

It resolved out of the grey haze where sea met sky. A cream coloured island high in the water with tall cliffs. Except that an island didn�t leave a wake.

A trail of disturbed water, at an angle to the prevailing direction of the waves, stretched back from the island toward them. A number of ships, made tiny by comparison, flanked the island. It was about the size of a military airfield, large enough that a skilful heavy bomber pilot could put down on it, though with a very narrow margin for error. There was a diamond pattern runway layout and block shaped buildings.

�Killer Wasp flight to Heavensent. Request permission to land.�

�Permission granted. Light wind from the North East. We have lit up runway two for you.� What they had actually done was raise flags at either end of the runway.

Reed switched channels. �Okay everyone. You can see the runway. We don�t want to disgrace ourselves do we? Land in number order.� He wanted to get down and investigate their new base. He was almost as excited as Jay.

Reed brought the Wasp down gently. The runway surface rumbled under the wheels. At the end he turned and taxied into the indicated bay. After another long haul flight they unfastened and climbed out stiffly.

There was only one person in their welcoming committee, but she looked as good as ever in a flight suit and with a recently acquired suntan. Serena saluted Reed, then broke with protocol to rush over and hug him. �I told them to recruit you! They made me wait forever.�

Reed put her down, his stiff joints weren�t ready to hold her weight. �Every step of the way here I have been waiting for you to pop up and explain it all.�

The second plane had landed and was taxiing over. Serena gestured and a second greeting party headed over. �Oh, hello.�


�You must be Reed�s new bombardier.�

�Yes, I replaced you.�

Reed felt like he was entering battle. Serena broke out in a huge grin. �Excellent. I had arranged shared quarters for you, just in case. Come, a walk around will loosen you up.�