It gets better. I just tried to claim payment protection- which I’ve been paying for on my loan repayments- for the period I was unemployed. Because I was a temporary, I’m not eligible. I was in that job for four years, a better, more productive (and more sarcastic) employee than most of the permanent staff. I was shafted out of over two grand of payments on the relocation (Council Tax and insurance when my bikes were stolen) that they verbally promised then denied [they claimed that even permanent staff didn’t get those payments, but when a perm I knew went down to the same department she had everything but the phone bill covered], I couldn’t get in on the sharesave and there was no pension scheme. And now Egg tell me that, far from being sensible in taking out payment protection, I was actually being fleeced when they sold me the plan (though they didn’t sell me it, because I selected it when it was recommended in my online application.)

You can tell I’m pissed off, I’d never used italics before these last two posts.