Daily archives: November 27, 2002

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Apparently, I moved out of this house in July. My electric company told me so. They got a phone call from some woman saying she’d moved in, so they closed my account. It had just taken me six months for them to realise I had moved in and let me set up a standing order, so I either ignored the letter or didn’t get one because everything was automated. I found this out because today I received a bill for ‘The Occupier’ for the intervening period and called their enquiry line.

Meanwhile, BT have been charging me for Surftime, despite the fact that I’ve had broadband through them since September. You’d think one department would talk to the other. I spent twenty minutes on the phone being passed form one person to another and then to a dead line.

Are all corporations/ bureaucracies totally incompetent, or do I just bring out the worst in them?

Just finished- Dear Mr. President by Gabe Hudson It’s easy to see why Dubya called this book “unpatriotic and ridiculous”, with surreal stories of Gulf War Syndrome manifesting as a vestigial ear and hallucinations, military technology and doctrine taken to illogical extremes and Norman Schwarzkopf’s ‘raisin heart’. Not easy or coherent reading, more of a bunch of twisted allegories on the damage done by war.

Just started- Children of Chaos by Douglas Rushkoff. Snowboarding, video games and comics as a way to understand a fragmenting future. Hmmmm.