From a trip to Wired
Wal-Mart sucks! They use their financial muscle to force games companies to censor their work, unless, like GTA3, the game is going to rake it in and help the bottom line. (Didn’t they used to sell bullets.)
A while ago I mused on the viability of America’s proposed Total Infomation Awareness database. Now a bunch of people better qualified than me (and I’m better qualified than most on this subject) have weighed in with their own arguments against it. The problematic issue of how all the data can be traced back to one person could be solved in part by the implantable tracking devices recently approved by the FDA and the increasing number of jealously guarded CCTV cameras. If they can’t get you, they’ll try for your kids, and take away the schools funding if anybody admits to being a little disturbed by their actions.
All in all, it could be time to invest in that quantum cryptography system.