Daily archives: December 13, 2002

Live for the weekend?

Dutch researchers have found and quantified ‘vacation illness’ and ‘leisure illness’, where workers feel wiped out in their time off and are more likely to contract diseases. I can never complete everything that needs doing of a weekend, and the first few days of a holiday are given over to crashing after the stress of work.

found at Digital Man’s Outtakes

Hey, I'm here

Not much to say really. Had the invite to join for a few days now and thought it’s about time I did something about it. I don’t surf anywhere near as much as the rest of this team, so don’t expect to see that much from me. I’ll concentrate on quality instead…..

Think I’ll start with some translation sites – how about one that translates English into Swedish Chef speak, Jive or Valley Girl.

Or better still, another that translates a web page. Spinneyhead doesn’t look too bad in Redneck – something ominous about that!

Taking our jobs?

Can more people please realise that we’re part of the world, a great way to solve the problems of an ageing population is to let in the working age immigrants who want to come here and that culture is a gloriously fluid thing that changes with each generation anyway, so we don’t risk losing our ‘unique British’ one.

The fact that immigrants contribute more to the Exchequer in taxes than they take out in public spending may surprise many Tory politicians, not to mention readers of the Daily Mail and other jingoistic tabloids. But this is one of the many important conclusions of detailed research commissioned by the Home Office and published this week in the first of a series of studies into the economic and social impact of immigration.

Meanwhile, it’s good to know I’m still eligible to be called a ‘young novelist’, and will be for another seven years. Now I just need to get published.