Star Trek

Yes. I am a fool. It is 7am in the morning and i am at work. Ok so at least i am barely working! Watched the season finale of Star Trek Enterprise last night, and I have to say the show did improve considerably over the first episodes. Time magazine has put together an interesting article about Star Trek – The Business, which highlights exactly how much you can make off sci-fi. We all know that you can make money off of anything these days, but what I really want for Christmas is the talking George Bush doll! Not only does he look as intelligent as the real guy, but speaks 11 phrases littered with those “maloproprisms”, which is supposed to be a sign of intelligence. I wonder.

Back to suburban white kids like myself. Although I am eminently influenced by hip hop culture, for shizzle ‘o the nizzle and be it all gravy and that, there is a web-site some fly tips for all the kids from New Jersey. Very informative and funny indeed. Now another fantastic part of being from the suburbs is that there is always something productive to do. Like steal real estate signs and place them on other people’s houses or the old mailbox baseball gag. But for us more technically inclined gents, working on a wire cube in four dimensions and then projecting it in 2D is much more fun.

Ahhh Ebay. What a fantastic site. Still has a few problems, but the story from this gentleman regarding getting ripped off is an eye opener. Very good story. Finally one of the good guys gets back at the chapeu d’aine.