Daily archives: December 18, 2002

Innocent Pictures

On the wall of the living room at home, my parents have the obligatory childhood pictures of my sister and me. One of these photos is of me as a toddler, on a campsite in France, taking a bath in a washing up bowl. It’s unbelievebly cute, catching me mid-splash. It’s also the sort of simple shot that parents are afraid to take these days, whether for the photo album or a display, for fear of the busy bodies who cry paedophile at the slightest hint of naked children. With this and the whole culture of fearing single adults, particularly men, around children I’m nervous of taking pictures involving kids for my daily photos, no matter how innocent.

But there are other issues here. The most dangerous is that the overblown ‘stranger danger’ fear blinds people to family abuse. But almost as important is that there is a whole generation growing up now whose parents don’t have embarassing bathtime photos to show to future girlfriends. It’s just not right.

Go to work and don't work – Get promoted!

Ok. This is the strangest thing! I finally believe in management wisdom. I have been sitting in my office for the past month hardly working and living vicariously through non stop internet surfing, and lo and behold, I get a backdated raise and a new remit! Fantastic! Excerpt fromboss’s email this morning:

“In the meantime I have agreed with Steve to increase your rate and have contacted xxx. Hopefully I will have some feedback tomorrow and can let you know the score.

Please dont be demoralised. We wouldn’t have got where we are without your help and its not gone unnoticed by me. I think the project will gain momentum in the new year under xxx remit.”

God I love corporate some days. This undoubtly will provide Ian with enough ammo to revert to the Dilbert principle and his excellent book regarding corporate affairs.