Go to work and don't work – Get promoted!

Ok. This is the strangest thing! I finally believe in management wisdom. I have been sitting in my office for the past month hardly working and living vicariously through non stop internet surfing, and lo and behold, I get a backdated raise and a new remit! Fantastic! Excerpt fromboss’s email this morning:

“In the meantime I have agreed with Steve to increase your rate and have contacted xxx. Hopefully I will have some feedback tomorrow and can let you know the score.

Please dont be demoralised. We wouldn’t have got where we are without your help and its not gone unnoticed by me. I think the project will gain momentum in the new year under xxx remit.”

God I love corporate some days. This undoubtly will provide Ian with enough ammo to revert to the Dilbert principle and his excellent book regarding corporate affairs.