Off the self parts – uh?

Don’t know about you, but Brian’s idea of building a PC using near-living tissue sounds great as long as it’s not mine. Might be better to have a look round at some of the organisations involved in that type of research in the US. I remember the Foresight Institute being quite vocal a fews ago with Eric Drexler’s main work. Before that, at least in terms of public profile, there was the RAND corporation. Remember me mentioning military sci-if, Jerry Pournelle wrote a series called Janissaries as well; he was also part of RAND along with Larry Niven.

But my techno-lust still carries on. I want a decent car. Probably needs to be the Espace since it’s large enough to carry some good looking British guitars, guitar amps and groupies round in (I can hope!). I want an old building so I can put on band nights on.

Some people really should have never been allowed to live in the commercial world with those sorts of ideas. It’s obvious that many don’t live in the real world.