Daily archives: December 21, 2002


Whenever I come home, I bring a magazine cover disk and temporarily install the software I need to edit pages for the website and compress the pictures of the day. This time, however, I seem to have brought a DVD of rubbish. Editors and compressors save to their own arbitrary file types which are no use whatsoever. There may be no pictures of the day until after Christmas, for which, my apologies.

Starfleet – but not the trekkie one

Something earlier this week made me think of Starfleet. This is probably where I start to step into Brian’s terrority, but anyway. There used to be a site that streamed the episodes, one a week about the size of small postage stamp. Can’t find that anymore, but fortunately some of the episodes are now available for download. After having a quick look around, there are a lot more sites again including others with episode downloads. I remember arguing with Brian about who played guitar and bass on the Brian May cover of the soundtrack. From what I read, Eddie Van Halen played bass and Brian May lead guitar. From listening to it again, I’m sure I can here both of their guitar styles on the guitar.

stuff I don't want

As I wander through life (and round the shops), I realise that there’s a great deal that I don’t want. For instance, the Spyder which looks like a Raleigh Chopper crossed with the car from the Jetsons. Take a look at the picture of the bottom of the Jetson photo page. Bears a remarkable resemeblance to something else that I have no need for.

On my travels, I keep coming across books of random knowledge, however for the review you’ll have to look here. But I’m sure nothing can compete with the Internet for sheer variety and pointlessness. But then again, sometimes you need a good excuse for that purchase or for not going out since you need to give your new purchase a good run-in. Or sometimes you can just get stuck with too many good(?) ideas.