Ahhh 'Tis the Season

Chestnuts roasting on ann open fire, my godd*mn cold finally going away and only two more days until Christmas. Have found nothing of interest to note, except the ultimate place to get all your holiday technology goodies, The Sharper Image. I have been working from home, or rather, attempting to work from home, but my motivation sinks quickly.

But to my old pal, Trent Lott, the New York Times this morning has an article which pointedly states based on interviews with the black community that George W Bush will get more votes now because of his handling of the affair. Did I miss something here? Oh well, just when I thought I couldn’t ever be more wrong, hey ho……

Another interesting development is that the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in the states, has managed to get the cast of Friends together for one more season. It wasn’t the cheapest coup in town, costing a mere $9 million an episode. The interesting point raised in the article is that the focus is now shifting to HBO and what their efforts will be to secure another season of the Sopranos? Also, it looks like the idea for a Sopranos movie is getting nixed as well. Oh well, long live the guidos.

In the Times (London that is) yesterday, I was pleased to learn that I can buy a diamond incrusted deluxe Monopoly board for only �300k and a Bulgari Tennis Ball Holder for only �3,500. The choices are killing me.

There are a few of you out there looking for a bit loverly interaction, and what a better way to start than with some real people? Although the first is for the ladies, the men need some some help as well. Look no further! WhereisMyGeek will help every single gent find a woman who can understand internet addiction.

Do you use Kazaa for all those freeware and shareware file purposes it serves? Well, well, the RCIA and the movie baddies don’t really think its an appropriate tool for the internet. The problem for the boyz in the recording hood is that =trying to sue Kazaa to close means interfering with 5 countries on 3 different continents. The Washington Post put together a really good article about the originators and the company structure in the Saturday Washington Post. Check it out here.

To all the Spinneyhead Team, I wish to pass on best holiday wishes. I use the word holiday as we are completely PC bunch and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I believe Mr. Frost just completed Ramadan and Ian P has gone straight to the devil, so whatever the pleasure, enjoy!