Still no luck on the pic of the day front. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pick up another magazine and another cover disk.

As part of the research for part two of Heavensent (the new working title for Seeds) I’ve been reading Underwater Warriors by Paul Kemp, a history of midget submarines and the incredible missions they went on. In amongst an otherwise poor navy, the Italians had one of the best teams of all the participants, and would have taken their tiny craft right into New York harbour if they’d stayed in the war long enough.

I’ve brought a couple of DVDs up to test my parents’ player with. First up, and segueing neatly with that last bit- The Italian Job. It’s a fun film, one of those things lacking from so many movies nowadays. There’s a ‘making of’ feature on the DVD and the one and only deleted scene- a delightful Blue Danube waltz featuring the Minis and three Polizia cars that is lovely as a stand alone but would have spoiled the film if it had been included.

Second film is the Matrix/ Matrix Revisited double pack. Nice.