A picture

I’ll let Ian put this photo somewhere, since I haven’t got a clue where he puts them. Is it vain or even dangerous to post a picture of somebody who writes to this blog? Anyway, here’s a very blurry hand.

Apart from that nothing else to say really apart from Merry Christmas for tomorrow.

And my question (or three for the day): 1) Just how do high-street stores (e.g. BHS) shift the amount of tatt that they sell before Christmas? 2) Who buys the crap? 3) Which unfortunate sods get given it?

Amidst the rubbish, there are occassionally some OK items, but by the time I’ve finished looking through the rubbish, anything half-decent looks ideal as a present. Reverse marketing psychology perhaps? In terms of we’ll sell some crap so the average stuff looks brilliant. Obviously not thinking about brand tainting through proximity, put good stuff next to bad, and it will look bad.