The Lakes and Then There Is Oban

Ok. So I was supposed to go to Dublin leaving tomorrow and now I find myself sitting in Oban, Scotland, enjoying the ultimate in Scottish tourism industry. It is BEAUTIFUL! I dare say Mr. P that it might even rival the lakes for peace and tranquility, plus the concept of land massess taller than 200feet (read the small hills plaguing The Lakes) is interesting. The city sits on a small port and we have just come back from dinner at the Lourdes Hotel (no, Madonna was not here trying to conceive!) where they put out fresh bowls of boiled jumbo prawns and an assortment of deep fried something on every table. Can’t beat that!

Anyway, commenting on the first cloned person born – the event lasted a whole five minutes in the media. Just a couple of clips from the BBC and no grand discussions about the ethics and morality involved. The New York Times rated it a page 16 mention, although I do believe they were jealous that the US lost out to Canada in the genetics race…..Where is South Park when you need it?

Oh and in other news. The Washington Times has a brilliant commentary on how the War on Terrorism is funded by California and Methaamphetine labs owned by Hezbolla and other terrorist factions. A must read – scroll down to the commentary section.