And the Beat Goes On…..

Whilst back at the office trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing these days, I have come across some cool things. First, take a look at what eight years of trekkie investment can get you. Now, I have been really questioning some things in my life recently, and when I was looking around for some guidance, I was fo’ shizzle the shiznet be lucky to ask da man Snoop fo’ advice fools.

Found out that I am in a retro period of my life, and was lucky enough to find 1000s of MAME games from the past through one single emulator. Bring on the donkey kong and qbert.

Thinking about Iraq and the mythical War on Terrorism, I was a bit amused by this story which highlights that the massive search for five suspected Al queda members going into the States from Canada was a government hoax. Apparently, nobody has even seen these guys anywhere but in the newspapers…Funny how that works.

Something to keep everyone amused.