Daily archives: January 7, 2003

Batman: superhero or not?

Ok, the question comes down to this, was/is Batman a superhero? I get the distinct feeling of treading ground thoroughly trampled on before by others. He didn’t have any superpowers and that’s what started it. Since that revelation, I’ve been trying to think of other relatively mainstream superheroes from the major comics such as DC or Marvel. I can’t think of any, the nearest I’ve got so far is the Shadow, but I believe he had some mental abilities. Mind you, on that page I see the statement from Amazon that “[…]Customers who wear clothes also shop for:

Clean Underwear[…]”. I’d generally hope that was the case.

Anyway, whatever Batman was he was cool. Looking around, I see indeed that the ground was thoroughly trampled by others. To the point that some just didn’t get on with Batman at all. Mind you when superheroes get transfered so badly to cartoons, you can’t really them.

I hate cyclists. Having been one in the past (and still hope to be again when I get by bike out), I can see their point in that it’s a cleaner way of transport. But that assumes that the world is full of bicycles, pedestrians and dinghies. Mix cars into that and you end up with 6 cars, billowing out lots of nasty gases due to being stuck in first or second gear behind the cyclist who’s too frightened to pedal downhill around a country lane. Therefore cyclists are bad for the health – they also scratch the paintwork when they bounce off the bonnet.


The world’s resources are disappearing in the face of demand. This is another of the premises I want to work with in Sounds of Soldiers, as the West runs out of resources the developing countries add to the problem by putting their own citizens first and try to become self sufficient within their own borders. This could be labelled ‘food terrorism’ as they fail to cooperate in their own exploitation.

Tomorrow we diet!

On Sunday I’m going to start a period of abstention, and not just because I’ll be hungover after my birthday. On Monday, if I’m up to it, I’ll start cycling to work. All of this healthy activity doesn’t mean I’ve given in to the body image fascists. I long ago decided I’d fare better if people judged me on my ability and nature rather than crumpled shirts or expanding waistline.

I’m cycling because I can (and because if I leave it too much longer I’ll be so out of shape that I can’t) and it’s cheaper and faster than a bus or car. I’m giving up alcohol because it aggravates the ulcer and I’m going to restart my medication. Losing a little weight and being fitter can only help.

Now, if I can just persuade Daz to stop putting chilli in everything I might just be able to beat the little bastard growling in my guts.

(This is my first post by e-mail, so apologies if the format is weird. I’ll fix it later.)

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Stand by your man.

Lordy Lordy I love the George Bushie! After viewing my daily literature of the New York Times, Washington Times, Washington Post and various other reports, I came across some banner ads brought to you by the Untied States Republican Party. First and foremost has to be the StandByBush.com which allows citizens an outlet to express their support for the supreme commander. Also, a while ago I pointed out a commentary from the Washington Times explicitly linking the War on Drugs to the War on Terror. Well never fret my children, another banner ad this morning in the NY Times says exactly that. Time to visit antidrug.com to make sure you know how terrorists benefit from your bong hits. In other news about the big kahouna, e.g. GW himself, his new economic stimulus package was released into the public domain yesterday. One of the key points in this plan is the abolishing of tax on share dividends. What a nice guy. What the bushies don’t mention is that 90% of taxpayers that receive any dividends are already the highest earners. Imagine that, GW giving tax breaks to the wealthiest people in America, again……

Lowtax of Something Awful has taken on a new challenger in his latest email hoax. Last time he took on the aryan nation, this time he goes after an Insane Clown Posse fanatic. Hilarity ensues.

There are lists and then there are lists. One of the good ones today is the 2002 Most Annoying Conservatives. Not to be accused of being one-sided, here is the 2002 Most Annoying Liberals.