Lost in a Forest

Check out this article which highlights the support (or lack of) GW BUSH has gotten for his economic stimulus package. In other world news, Henry Rollins, ex frontman for Black Flag and uppity spoken word guru, has unleashed an assault on “Mr. Save the World Get Rid of Third World Debt” Bono of U2 fame. Ok Henry, calm down.

Not that I was a perfect angel in high school, but kids these days are getting better and better all the time. It is amazing what can happen between two students with a crowd on a school bus! Better yet then forming a task force to ask all the kids where others may have been getting juggy wit’ it. Really, I am serious! Look at the last two paragraphs!

News Flash!
New disease affecting loads of people. It must be true.

Well thats enough of my idiotic links. See ya.