In order to help the management see clearly how serious the staff are about our demands, I have capitulated and decided to publish my bio directly along with photo to ensure no accusations of delay or insubordination can be metered out. Management must revise its stance on original point 3 as it is mission critical to the success of this and many other websites…..

Johnny The O – The Bio

“Born in September 1972 to a poor family in the deep southof the united states, I spent my formative years learning how to program in basic and playing video games. At the tender age of sixteen, I left the South to sprout my wings and fly.

Whilst working in McDonalds a brainstorm struck me and my life was forever changed. I applied for asylum in Norway, which was granted, and thus began my new life as a global healer. At the age of 26, I was nominated for a nobel prize after my lifes work, “Capitalism and Taoism – Can they mix?” was published. Although I did not win, the book has so far sold 3 copies, one of which was purchased by agents for Saddam Hussain.

I moved to London with the hopes and aspirations for any world dweller, seeking fame and fortune in the bright lights of the big city. Instead I found corporate job and mastered the art of pretending to work. Now I am refocused and teach wandering philospohy to whomever I can corner in the street whilst shouting out praises for the born again christians and muslim extremists.

My hobbies are varied mostly focused on being obnoxious, drinking far too much than is good for me, the web, and of course laughing at Iain Duncan Smith! On a serious note, I like golf, challenges, learning, skateboarding, travel and working. I am a very sad person indeed but at least I don’t play D&D anymore.”

Favourite Quote: “Hilarity Ensues”

Favourite Movie: “Pulp Fiction and Swingers”

Would Like to Meet: It has to be Bill Clinton

Would like to Date: Even though she is a criminal, Winona Ryder

Ambition in Life: Learn to play the saxophone

Please see attached photo.

Management – Are you happy now?JRO_pic.bmp