TGIF (Toes Go In First)

In response to the drastic increase of Spinneyhead readership, this post serves as 28 day notice to the management that staff have intent to unionise and demand better working conditions. Our list of demands are:
1. An email address so that we may be spammed from the readers after blogging scurrilious statements onto the website.
2. A Comments section, so that management and readers alike may riducle us and post threads with nothing to do whatsoever with the original post.
3. The right to post links to pr0n. Seeing that 80% of web content is pr0n based, how are we supposed to provide quality entertainment for ourselves, err, the readers, without keeping up with current trends? Oh, and free annual Adultcheck memberships!
4. Business Cards. Every time we go out and say we write for the most famous of blogs, ala Spinneyhead, there is a distinct lack of credibility because there is no piece of paper that says so. Also, most people forget the name right away and never have a chance to read the musings of the high quality staff.

To the management – notice is hereby given.

Oh – check this out – so much for the talented staff at the Onion. Now you can make your own Onion stories.