Daily archives: January 11, 2003

Protest to Management

Content is down, and worse yet, a post entitled “Are you old Enough”, could envoke slander and lawsuits globally!!!! My god, what is happening to Spinneyhead? I signed up to blog for a decent, friendly kind of blog and look what happens after a couple of weeks…..

Anyway, kind sir and boss master, can we finally make links to our favourite sites without plugging them everday? Also, I pray for a sincere effort to improve quality, access to the reader comments?

Sir Alan Ward, laud your efforts towards youthful sofa choosing but as you must realise from the UMIST days and current events, nothing beats a real live uni girl to sell a product. Man I am way sexist…..

Are you old enough…

…to find the women in furniture store junk mail (e.g. DFS, Courts) attractive? Then perhaps you need to get in touch with your more youthful side.

Still not up-to-date with what to say, then practice your flirting a bit. But remember, when flirting stay off the soft drinks just in case, especially the carrot juice.

But if the chat up lines fail to impress, or for some, never had a chance to start with despite being more local, then maybe it’s just a case of bad karma and you’ll need to find somewhere else to sleep.