El Capitan

Now Captain Morgan was a pirate dude

He used to jack motherfuckers and act real rude

As a real live person he wasn’t much fun

But he sure made a fine ass bottle of rum


I get distracted too easily. I was actually reading a piece claiming the Iraqi adventure is just a twenty first century version of good old English enlightened Empire building, done by the USA. It’s right, I guess, in some ways. Empire was all about making the boys back home rich and forcing their worldview upon the natives. It was succesful for a while, despite being punctuated by violent uprisings and the eventual need to give the bits back to the people we took them off. Nowadays, though, the oppressed natives can export their violence to the place they see as the root of their oppression. When the US’s overseas empire collapses I doubt they’ll even be defending windswept Atlantic islands