Heavensent- Chapter 8, Part 6

Gim had been testing the door and frame, trying to find weak points by judging tiny variations in flex. He stopped, closed his eyes and cocked his head. �It�s very busy out there. Time to go.�

�You�re certain?� Sheel was straightening her arm and making a fist. Her right elbow locked as she paced back and forth before the door.

�Activity peaked and is starting to settle down again. Though it�s still very busy and they probably won�t notice us.� Gim pointed to the exact point he wanted Sheel to fire at, which would hopefully destroy the door�s lock.

�And we�ll be able to find our way out of here?�

�I memorised every step of the way from the moment we came aboard. And I have data on these old propeller planes, so I�ll be able to fly one. Probably.�

�Okay. We go.� Sheel raised her locked arm. Gim wisely removed his finger and stepped back.

Sheel rocked back on her feet and there was the crack of a small sonic boom. The flat-headed projectile expanded so fast it vapourised, taking most of the lock mechanism with it. The door swung open.

�Ladies first.� Gim offered.

�You�re only saying that because I�ve got the gun.�